Signs of the Mountain has helped out with some unique engagements and wedding gifts. Our durable aluminum and vinyl lasts for years, and the text and graphics are 100% customizable.


One of the more exciting examples was for a couple in California. The man had us send a personalized sign straight to their ski lodge, where he then hid it until the couple reached their favorite ski run. Atop a beautiful mountain, he pulled out the sign, “¿Te quieres casar conmigo?” —Spanish for, “Will you marry me?” And hey, it worked!

Another couple in Montana had a summer wedding at a mountain chalet, so they put a forest service style sign with their names on it at the bottom of the ski lift as part of the celebration.


Our friends Josh and Amber simply chose to put the date of their wedding on their sign, which now hangs in their living room.

We’ve had orders for the entire group of groomsmen—the groom ordered individual ski run signs for each of his best buddies. You can give them double black diamond signs if they’re pros, or green run signs if they’re slow-riding newbies.

A favorite quote about love or marriage might also be the ticket, like something from our inspirational signs, which might look especially nice in a cursive font.

So if you need a surprise sign shipped securely, a handful of individualized signs, or any other quality signs to enhance the romance, Signs of the Mountains can help!