Signs of the mountains makes real ski resort signs that you can personalize exactly how you want. These personalized ski signs are made of heavy-duty aluminum and are available in the large sizes that you see out on the slopes. Our personalized ski signs come in three different colors, including black Experts Only ski signs, blue intermediate ski signs, and green beginner ski signs. 

We have a number of different mounting options for our personalized ski signs. They can be mounted indoors using a couple of nails through two top holes. If you are hanging the sign outdoors we recommend choosing to have a hole in all four corners drilled and to use 4 screws to attach the ski sign to the wall or other surface. You may also have holes drilled in the center if you are looking to mount the sign to a post or tree. 

People also use metal wing brackets to mount our signs which can be found here.


In the photo above, our metal ski resort signs are attached to trees using a couple of screws through the center holes on the signs. If you'd rather drill your own holes in the signs, simply take a drill with a bit and go through the ski sign.