Constant improvements at my home ski have helped accommodated an increase in skiers and boarder flocking to Big Sky Country. Last season Big Sky Resort saw the replacement of the often-broken-down Triple Chair with a modern 6 seater dubbed the “Powder Seeker” and replaced Challenger with a more reliable triple chair increasing the uphill capacity significantly.

Recently released information on the next seasons’ improvements are impressive.  “The Ocho” is coming.  Yes, an 8 seater high-speed chair is replacing Ram Charger, this will definitely help with clearing out congestion at the base.  Also, bubble chairs are awesome, can't wait!!

Another well overdue upgrade comes on the Southern exposure of Lone Mountain.  Shedhorn lift can fall victim to long wind-holds and upgrading it to a high-speed quad, the heavier chairs and repositioned lift towers will help eliminate wind holds. This means easier access to the Shedhorn Grill, nothing beats a beer with those views. There are still a few days left this season, but I’m already looking forward to 2018/2019!